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Trekking meal Pasta Primavera 150g

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Trekking meal Pasta Primavera 150g
Pasta Primavera is a classic noodle dish that is personalized in particular by the mix of colorful vegetables selected. Leeks, paprika, corn and broccoli in a delicately flavored sauce supply plenty of vitamins in this pasta variation. Scrumptiously delicious and healthy too, the Pasta Primavera by Trek’n Eat powers up your muscles and fills empty stomachs too.

Outdoor food Vegetarian dishes
Protein 12.6 g/100g
Fat 12.8 g/100g
Carbohydrates 58.3 g/100g
Calories 400 kcal/100g
Prepared meal weight 640 g
Added water quantity 490 ml
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