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Outdoor & sports watches

A watch is not only a pretty accessory or a gadget that shows time — it is also a reliable partner during various outdoor adventures and activities. At our stores you will find professional and high quality sports and fitness watches that will help to keep an eye on your heart rate, burned calories, distance, as well as watches for daily needs and other outdoor activities. With the help of mountaineering and hiking watches you will be able to see the route, weather conditions, altitude and more.

World renowned and reliable manufacturers Tomtom, Polar and Brunton will make your training process easier, providing you with professional outdoor and sports watches and their accessories. We offer watches with advanced running metrics, fitness watches, watches with a built-in heart rate monitor, watches that detect the air temperature and speed of wind and water stream, watches with regeneration consultant, watches with built-in GPS navigation systems and more unmentioned wonders — "Gandrs" assortment will please any sports enthusiast who likes to keep an eye on the activity process.

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