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Trousers Karl Pro Trousers

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Durable and versatile outdoor trousers that are just as suitable for mountain trekking as for forest hikes. Made from wind and water resistant G-1000 Silent that has a lightly brushed surface. The fit is regular with a mid waist, and this Pro model has a new, well-thought-through cut that sits better and gives more freedom of movement – even with its slightly narrower legs. The knees and rear are pre-shaped and the waist is slightly higher at the back to sit well when wearing a backpack. There are two leg pockets, one with a zipper and one with buttons, the latter also has an inside mesh pocket for a mobile phone. There are two hand pockets and two back pockets with flaps. The leg endings are raw length and can easily be adjusted to fit any height perfectly.

Membrane / Material G-1000
By type G - 1000 / Cotton
Application Hiking and trekking; Mountain trekking, hiking in the forest, outdoor activities
Material G-1000® Silent: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
By product Trousers
Weight 0.48 kg
Catalog numbers 82511 563, 82511 555, 82511 030, 82511 042, 82511 633, 82511
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50 L 7323450511234 Add to cart
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50 K28 7323450168377 Add to cart
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52 K28 A L 7323450168445 Add to cart
52 K28 7323450156480 Add to cart
52 K28 A 7323450168421 Add to cart
52 K28 A L 7323450592875 Add to cart
54 K28 L 7323450168490 Add to cart
54 K28 A 7323450168476 Add to cart
54 K28 V L 7323450592899 Add to cart
56 K28 7323450168544 Add to cart
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