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  1. For brave climber

Climbing shoes Easy Up

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0.42 kg

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From 52.43 up to 69.90
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With its graphic urban vibe, the EASY UP is a very accessible model for novice climbers, indoors and out. It's soled with 4POINTS™ GRIP rubber, MILLET's long-used compound, for the best grip-to-durability ratio. Ideal for honing your sensations in the vertical dimension, it has an ergonomic symmetrical base and a generous heel, in a fairly supple design that optimizes comfort of use. The streamlined toebox delivers the precision beginners need, but also squash-free comfort for the toes. For a smooth learning curve, they are very wash-friendly, with a polycotton upper (no leather guaranteed) that's very robust.

Material Synthetic Polycoton upper
Hemp natural lining
Sole Sole 4PointsGrip™ 4.5mm
Shape Straight
Weight 0.42 kg
Catalog numbers MIG1350 3024, MIG1350
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Color: Feet size: Price: Location: Barcode:
38 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR K28 A 3515721603128 Add to cart
38 2/3 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR A 3515721603135 Add to cart
39 1/3 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR A 3515721603142 Add to cart
40 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR K28 A V L 3515721603159 Add to cart
40 2/3 69.90 EUR K28 A V L 3515721603166 Add to cart
40 2/3 69.90 EUR K28 3515721607416 Add to cart
41 1/3 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR K28 V L 3515721603173 Add to cart
42 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR K28 V L 3515721603180 Add to cart
42 2/3 69.90 EUR A 3515721603197 Add to cart
44 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR A 3515721603210 Add to cart
45 1/3 52.43 EUR 69.90 EUR K28 L 3515721603234 Add to cart
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