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Poles Omega

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: 0.37 kg

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A basic touring pole for occasional use with adjustable, biathlon type strap.

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Diameter 10 mm
Handles Ergonomic
Utilization Cross country skiing
Application Sport
Average weight 0.37 kg
Catalog numbers AH03-OM120, AH03-OM125, AH03-OM130, AH03-OM135, AH03-OM145, AH03-OM150, AH03-OM155, AH03-OM160
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Length: Price: Location: Barcode:
120 cm 14.90 EUR K28 A V L 6416173082653 Add to cart
125 cm 14.90 EUR A V L 6416173082660 Add to cart
130 cm 14.90 EUR K28 V L 6416173082677 Add to cart
135 cm 14.90 EUR A V L 6416173082684 Add to cart
145 cm 14.90 EUR A L 6416173082707 Add to cart
150 cm 14.90 EUR A L 6416173082714 Add to cart
155 cm 14.90 EUR A V L 6416173082721 Add to cart
160 cm 14.90 EUR K28 A V L N 6416173082738 Add to cart
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