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Climbing shoes Rock Up

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0.46 kg

  • Colors:
From 89.90 up to 99.90
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This shoe is good for making progress, in centers and outdoors. Definitely a classic, it has been tested – and totally approved – by climbers of all styles. Reassuring adhesion makes it ideal for developing climbing sensations. It has a roomy fit for high comfort, and its broad footbed provides good support.

Material Split Leather; Neoprene
Sole 4PointsGrip™ 4.5 mm rubber
Application Climbing in outdoors and centers
Shape Straight
Weight 0.46 kg
Catalog numbers MIG1255, MIG1255 8736
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Color: Feet size: Price: Location: Barcode:
38 99.90 EUR K28 V 3515721614704 Add to cart
38 2/3 89.90 EUR K28 V 3515729533427 Add to cart
38 2/3 99.90 EUR K28 V L 3515721614711 Add to cart
40 89.90 EUR V 3515729533441 Add to cart
40 2/3 89.90 EUR K28 V 3515729533458 Add to cart
40 2/3 99.90 EUR K28 3515721614742 Add to cart
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