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City bikes

City bikes are created for active leisure lovers who are keen on daily trips around city and for those who want to get positive energy with a help of sports activities. These elegant Alpina bicycles, providing a comfortable seating position, will allow you to look through the traffic, feeling minimize load and improving visibility.

Choosing shop Gandrs offered city bikes, you won't have to look for special sports clothing to get to work or shop, because, thanks to the construction of Alpina bicycles, this bike can be ridden wearing everyday clothes and will provide the right seating position keeping your back straighten. Graceful Alpina bikes will be suitable for everyone who want to refuse from time-consuming traffic jams and problems that arise in the parking opportunities. These bikes are comfortable and deliberately created in order to facilitate the movement in urban conditions. Although Alpina bike reminds retro-style bikes, they are equipped with modern technology, which is hidden behind a vintage appearance. Achievements in engineering have allowed to create special bicycle frames, which make Alpina bikes faster, more convenient and reactive. Mud flaps, included in city bicycle equipment, will protect you from mud contact with your clothing in rainy weather, on baggage carrier you will be able to put your belongings, lightning will show you the way in illuminated roads, but the bell will help to sneak through the city crowds.

Alpina bicycles are also equipped with a mid-latitude and high-capacity air tires that will provide additional ease of movement and minimize the load time, and reduce road roughness sensing. If you are a recreational ride and comfort lover, Alpina city bike is the right choice that will make your daily movements more enjoyable, more elegant and faster.

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