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BMX & Xtreme MTB bikes

BMX (Bicycle Motocross) bikes have been created for riding in places without constant traffic and are suited for sharp maneuvers and handlebar turns, various stunts and performance rides on smooth surfaces, as well as jumps and freestyle rides in different types of parks and competitions.

"Gandrs" stores offer BMX bikes fit for fans of a more extreme riding style, who want to successfully control their bike not only on the ground, but also in the air, thus enjoying something more than simple everyday cruising in the city streets. The BMX is typically outfitted with a light but durable aluminium frame and wider wheels, which guarantees extra stability and an ideal grip with the surface even at a higher speed. Merida BMX bikes are characterized by a lowered top part of the frame and a wider wheel base, which enhances stability while riding but does not interfere with performing maneuvers of different complexity.

Although the wheels of a BMX bike are typically considered to be among the simplest ones, when combined with the rest of the bike they have first-class durability which ensures safe landing while performing various stunts. One of the most glaring advantages of a BMX is the rapid acceleration one can achieve with these bikes, thus creating more possibilities to perform successful jumps. Additionally, we would like to make note of their small but powerful wheels, as well as (in comparison) the reduced costs you would have to invest to maintain your BMX bike in perfect condition.

The BMX bikes available at "Gandrs" will best suit those who wish to rule over different types of ramps and obstacles as well as perform stunts on smooth surfaces. A BMX bike will be able to offer you countless benefits, starting with keeping yourself in shape, challenging and daring yourself, and ending with improving your sense of balance. With a Merida BMX bike you will always be led by the desire to learn, train and develop new stunts and complex jumps, which in turn will enhance both the performance of your vestibular system and your physical condition.

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