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Pulley Pulley Twin Roll

Large twin pulley for those who need great hauling efficiency, durability and light weight

+ durable and lightweight double pulley for industrial use and hauling systems
+ for use with static and dynamic textile ropes
+ sealed ball bearing and large diameter of the sheave provide great efficiency 94%
+ designed and optimized for use with a Prusik friction knot or any clamps
+ top attachment point accepts up to three carabiners
+ formed side plates provides protection of rope against contact with a surrounding
+ fixed-by-forging sheave and anti dust cover of ball bearing provides great lifespan
+ side plate holes enable cleaning of the ball-bearing surrounding
+ bottom attachment point 12 kN
+ unique production number marking

CE 1019, EN 12278

Sheaves Two
Rope diameter max 13 mm
Efficiency 94 %
Max. working load 4 x 3 kN
Sheave type Bearings
Sheave material Aluminium
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