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Pulley Spin S1




0.145 kg

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Possible to open, even when attached to the anchor, the SPIN S1 OPEN pulley is designed for maximum simplicity in
setting up haul or load deviation systems and tensioned highlines. Compact, reducing weight and bulk, which is specially useful during technical rescue. The sheave with sealed ball bearings provides excellent efficiency. The swivel facilitates operations, allowing the pulley to be oriented under load and direct connection of carabiners, ropes, or slings.

Compact pulley designed for maximum simplicity in setting up haul or load deviation systems and tensioned highlines for
work at height and technical rescue, when weight and size are important factors:
- Triple-action opening of the moving side plate is quick and easy, even with gloves
- The rope can be installed with the device connected to the anchor
- Red indicator provides a visual warning when the moving side plate is unlocked
- Special side plate design protects the rope path
• Optimal efficiency:
- Mid-size diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings for great efficiency
• Facilitates operations, thanks to the swivel:
- Allows pulley to be oriented under load
- Ropes or slings can be threaded for easier rigging
- Allows most carabiners to rotate, meeting European standards
• Certification(s): CE EN 12278, NFPA 1983 Pulley Technical Use, UIAA
• Material(s): Aluminum, stainless steel, nylon
• Min. rope diameter: 7mm
• Max. rope diameter: 11mm
• Sheave type: Sealed Ball Bearings
• Sheave diameter: 25 mm
• Maximum working load: 2,5 x 2 = 5kN
• Breaking strength: 23kN
• Efficiency: 91%

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Black 89.00 EUR N 3342540839465 Barkods Add to cart
Application Work
Sheaves One; 25 mm
Rope diameter 7 - 11 mm
Efficiency 91 %
Max. working load 2,5 x 2 = 5 kN
Sheave type Bearings
Sheave material Aluminium
Weight 0.145 kg
Catalog numbers P002AA01
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