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Swimfins Swift

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SWFT Fins are open heel fins designed with ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance in mind. The SWIFT fin has a specially shaped middle that directs water off the top of the blade without allowing it to spill from the sides of the blade - allowing for uncompromised efficiency and power at the minimal cost of foot fatigue. Thanks to their innovative design you get more power and speed from your kick. The adjustable and comfortable open foot pocket perfectly fits bare feet or neoprene shoes and makes SWIFT really easy to put on and take off. The strap which holds the foot in place is wider in its middle part, providing better stability, and can be completely removed from the hinges.

Rubberized side ribs and the use of durable materials improve elasticity of the SWIFT fins, and maximize their resistance to cuts and abrasions. SWIFT are an ideal choice for recreational diving and snorkeling.

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