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The SPORTEX company was established in Łódź in 1991. Since the beginning it has been fully financed with private capital. SPORTEX specializes in the wholesale and retail sale of swimming and snorkeling equipment with its own brands AQUASPEED and AQUATIC.

The company offers (among other products): a variety of silicone caps, swimming goggles, pool shoes and beach footwear, swimwear for women, men and children, small swimming accessories, diving masks, snorkels and fins. Thanks to its experience in the market segment SPORTEX quickly gained trust among a wide group of clients, both in Poland and abroad, who form an expanding sales network.

Our company’s mission is to provide clients with the widest possible variety of swimming and snorkeling products in a range of colours, designs, materials and prices. Our products are made in the world’s best factories using modern designs and advanced technology, taking into account global trends as well as the tastes of our market. The high quality materials used in AQUASPEED and AQUTIC products place us at the top of the list of leading brands operating in the Polish swimming equipment market.

Our main aim now is to promote the image of our brands and their popularity among clients. This goal is being pursued by a team of highly qualified workers and sales representatives.

Our policy includes immediate execution of orders and returns.

Officiālais izplatītājs
  • We are the official distributor in Latvia since 2014.
  • Expert support and sales assistance for wholesale customers - contacts.
  • Product help - contacts.
  • Warranty and after-sales service.

Official "Aqua-Speed" website. If You have any questions about wholesale, please contact us.

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