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Swimfins Hydro




0.8 kg

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Superchannel HYDRO fins are long snorkeling fins with closed heel foot pockets and flexible channel-style blades.

These excellent fins use a combination of rigid and soft materials which allow the blade to flex, creating a U-shaped central channel that directs the flow of water along the blade, improving propulsion and efficiency. The blades also feature two traditional lateral channels to reduce leg fatigue. The blade is set at an optimal 20 degrees angle to maximise thrust.

Strong side reinforcements molded directly into the foot pockets help control the flexibility of the blade, adding spring and reducing energy-wasting vibrations.

The fin blade elastomer is precisely molded into the foot pocket to increase performance and efficiency, and help reduce muscle fatigue after prolonged use.

The closed heel foot pocket provides comfort and secure fit. A grip tab on the back of each foot pocket makes it easier to put on and take off the fin.

HYDRO fins are an ideal choice for divers or snorkellers who are looking for the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

• Three-Channel Blade

• High-performance Technopolymers

• Durable materials and design

• Closed heel foot pockets

• Reinforced sides

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Blue 40/41 33.00 EUR K28 5908217647481 Barkods Add to cart
Blue 44/45 33.00 EUR K28 5908217647528 Barkods Add to cart
Yellow 44/45 33.00 EUR N 5908217647535 Barkods Add to cart
Yellow 44/45 24.75 EUR 33.00 EUR L 1000382580007 Barkods Bojāts iepakojums Add to cart
Blue 46/47 24.75 EUR 33.00 EUR L 1000382584005 Barkods Bojāts iepakojums Add to cart
Blue 46/47 33.00 EUR V N 5908217647542 Barkods Add to cart
Yellow 46/47 33.00 EUR K28 V 5908217647559 Barkods Add to cart
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Weight 0.8 kg
Catalog numbers HYDRO
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