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Set Fish

This fun cap and goggles set will be a perfect surprise for any pool loving kid. Soft silicone character cap combined with colourful silicone goggles will make any water experience much more fun.
Character cap:
This kids’ fun 100%-silicone swim cap from Aquaspeed has a funky shark or fish design in 3D with fin and fishtail and will protect your child's hair. A great fun item that will enhance children’s fun time in the pool. This cap is made of very stretchy material, making it very easy to put on and take off.
Unibody swimming goggles for children, these goggles feature separate lenses joined together with a flexible nose bridge. Such construction allows those goggles to be adapted to different facial profiles, including those with a wider nose base. Soft silicone gasket provides excellent suction without too much preassure and a double silicone headstrap with Easy Clip regulation system offers excellent and accurate fit. These goggles feature lenses with Anti-fog and UV protection. Excellent for frequent outdoor and indoor use.

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Material Silicone
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