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Wax LF6 [-4 / -12 C°] Cera-Flon Wax 60g

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Star Ski Wax

Star Ski Wax


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The abbreviation LF means LOW FLUOR and identifies the products in the STAR CERA-FLON WAX line with low content of fluoro-ceramics. These products are great for training especially on cold and dry snow but can become competition wax if covered by the products of the line F 100% fluoro.
They provide good value and therefore are the most used by sport clubs and among numerous service laboratories who want to distinguish the quality of their work! LF line offers the same glide properties for both the Alpine and Nordic disciplines.

Application Base
Composition With fluor
Type of application Meltable
Temperature -4...-12 C°
Package Standart pack
Temperature amplitude -6°C to -15°C; +5°C to -5°C
Weight 0.06 kg
Catalog numbers 06013
Availability Everything found in the catalog is available in our stores and warehouses
Temperature: Location: Barcode:
-4...-12 °C K28 V L 8020617060138 Add to cart
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