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Traveller Waterproof Gaiter Shoecover

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Traveller Waterproof Gaiter Shoecover



0.123 kg

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23.90 € (-30%) 16.73
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Waterproof 28cm high shoecover with velcro, reflective logo and waterproof seams.

Material Waterproof
Weight 0.123 kg
Catalog numbers 89142010 40, 89142010 10
Availability Everything found in the catalog is available in our stores and warehouses
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L L 8030819685022 Add to cart
M K28 V 8030819684964 Add to cart
M K28 V L 8030819685015 Add to cart
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  • Roberts Ikaunieks ( 0 ) Reply
    Roberts Ikaunieks

    L izmērs tas ir cik pēc parastās skalas? 43-44?

    • Gandrs Gandrs 17.01.2017

      Labdien! L ir 41/43 izmērs un XL ir 44/46 izmērs. Cieņā, Gandrs