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Road bikes

Merida road bikes are designed to keep you in shape, feeling the passion of sports, and also for more ambitious situations – competitions. As these bikes are equipped with narrow high-pressure tires, they will definitely want to experience unprecedented speed. While producing these speed-loving vehicles, Merida engineers are investing great effort to provide you with the opportunity to achieve maximum satisfaction with your results. The main features of a road bike are its lightness, aerodynamic design, as well as narrow tires that perform perfectly while moving along the highway and cycling long distances.

Active leisure stores "Gandrs" offer fast road bicycles, equipped with different numbers of gears and an aluminum or carbon fiber frame. Thanks to the compact fiber arrangement, these bikes are light and fast, and provide more comfortable feelings during the journey, as well as absorbs vibrations. On a Merida bicycle you will feel an overwhelming stability that prevents wasting energy on unnecessary lateral movements, but rather invests it in moving the bike forward faster.

Thanks to its less aggressive geometry, designed specifically for comfort, not only the quality of riding, but also the distance speed and time will be improved. Thanks to Merida engineers who are continuously researching and experimenting in the field of cycling, these road bikes create new quality standards that guide world-class cyclists to achieving significant results. Merida road bikes will be the right choice if you are an enthusiast of speed and enjoy long distances on flat surfaces. In "Gandrs" stores it is possible to get acquainted with a wide range of road bikes. Here you will surely find the most suitable and appropriate solution with the desired specifications. Remember that road bicycles are not created for driving on rugged surfaces.

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