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Slippers Model 2




0.51 kg

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From 9.60 up to 10.40
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This adult aqua shoe from Aquaspeed swimwear for is great for protecting your feet on the beach and in the sea (protecting your feet from seaurchin spikes, glass, sharp rocks) and for wearing while snorkeling, swimming, rafting, kayacking etc.

It has an adjustable pull-cord for a perfect fit and hard, black sole with traction to reduce slipping (however you should always treat wet and slippery surfaces with caution!). Available in sizes 35 to 46. Made of materials resilient to salt water and sun.


Aquashoe does not fully protect from slipping, it should not be used on wet, slippery poolsides and other slippery surfaces!

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Color: Feet size: Price: Location: Barcode:
Black / Pink 32 9.60 EUR L 5908217665461 Barkods Add to cart
Black / Green 33 9.60 EUR V L 5908217665652 Barkods Add to cart
Black / Pink 33 9.60 EUR V L 5908217665478 Barkods Add to cart
Black / Green 35 10.40 EUR V L 5908217665676 Barkods Add to cart
Black / Pink 35 10.40 EUR V 5908217665492 Barkods Add to cart
Black / Green 36 10.40 EUR V L 5908217665683 Barkods Add to cart
By product Slippers
Material neoprene
Weight 0.51 kg
Catalog numbers 2A, 2B
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