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Slippers Aruba

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Slippers Aruba



0.125 kg

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Women's Aruba Flip-Flop from Aquaspeed swimwear. These women's swim flip-flops made of ultra light and durable EVA Injection material perfectly fit the foot thanks to their anatomical shape. Aruba's anti-skid sole makes them perfect for around the pool.

By product Slippers
Material EVA Injection
Weight 0.125 kg
Catalog numbers ARUBA
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Color: Feet size: Location: Barcode:
35 V L 5908217634993 Add to cart
36 K28 A V 5908217635006 Add to cart
36 V L 5908217635013 Add to cart
37 K28 L 5908217635020 Add to cart
37 K28 A V L 5908217635037 Add to cart
38 K28 V L 5908217635044 Add to cart
38 K28 A V L 5908217635051 Add to cart
39 K28 L 5908217635068 Add to cart
39 K28 A V L 5908217635075 Add to cart
40 K28 V L 5908217635082 Add to cart
40 K28 V L 5908217635099 Add to cart
41 K28 L 5908217635105 Add to cart
41 L 5908217635112 Add to cart
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