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Torch LS 950 Control ION

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Torch LS 950 Control ION



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This innovative lithium-ion rechargeable battery head light shines with up to 70 Lux, lighting up the road ahead brightly and perfectly – it can also be regulated in 5 levels from 10 to 70 lux. The light intensity, the battery capacity and the lighting duration are shown in hours and minutes on the integrated LCD display.
- iBeam-tec®
- TRELOCK light guide
- Display for 5-level control of light and time
- Integrated USB charger jack
- Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
- Start-up protection: 1 sec.
- Single snap closure
- Inclusive USB cable
- Inclusive Variotex® bracket ZL 700, ø 22 – 32 mm
- Aluminium surface

By product Front
Visibility 1500 m
Visible distance 90 m
Luminous period From 6 to 45 h
Output From 10 to 70 Lux
Power source USB charging
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