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Bee-Patch Plaster




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Bee-Patch Plaster is suitable for use over bee stings. The patch contains a patented sugar membrane, which means that the poison can be extracted from the skin and up into the patch by means of osmosis.

The patch helps relieve pain and swelling that may occur with bee stings.
The glue in the patch is allergy tested and the sugar in the patch does not attract other bees or wasps.
The patch can be used for both adults and children.

The patch should be applied immediately after the bee or wasp sting.
If it takes too long before the patch comes on, the poison will have time to spread in the skin, and thus be difficult to extract.
If the sting is in the skin, it must be removed before applying the patch.
Put a drop of water on the plug and place the patch on top of the plug.

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