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Clean Chain Degreaser

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Clean Chain Degreaser
Green Oil

Green Oil


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Clean Chain is a revolutionary, powerful degreasing gel. Apply Clean Chain like a lubricant, and ride around for a couple of minutes. Run your chain through a dry rag, and then a wet rag or brush. Finally rinse the chain thoroughly with water, for a clean chain.
Clean Chain is totally biodegradable, and safe for you and aquatic life. A 100 ml bottle of Clean Chain can also be mixed with 900ml of water to make a whole 1 litre bottle of Green Clean bike cleaner. Clean Chain contains no petrochemicals and is 100% natural, using the power of citrus extracts and coconut oil.
- Made in the UK
- Contains no petrochemicals
- Biodegradable
- 100% natural ingredients
- 100% recycled plastic bottle
- Cycling Plus Magazine's Best Buy Award winner
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