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Green Oil

At Green Oil, we actually care about the environment and great products.
We ride bikes and make performance bike products which have won independent awards.
We don't believe it's morally right to use PTFE, because PTFE uses a carcinogen in its production, and PTFE accumulates in the environment. Learn more about this in Greenpeace's video below.

The Green Oil range is biodegradable, we use recycled plastic for our 100ml and 30ml bottles and tubs, and support British manufacturing - not just design - we actually make our products in Great Britain! And our products really work.

If you want to support a company that's doing good, want biolubricants and bicycle maintenance products that really work and don't want dodgy chemicals around your family, your skin or the World we ride in, you're in the right place. Welcome to Green Oil.

  • We are the official distributor in Latvia since 2012.
  • Expert support and sales assistance for wholesale customers - contacts.
  • Product help - contacts.
  • Warranty and after-sales service.

Official "Green Oil" website. If You have any questions about wholesale, please contact us.

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