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Set Java + Elba

This snorkeling set is a perfect choice for both teenage and adult users. Packed with modern features, this set will satisfy even the most demanding snorkeling enthusiasts and make all snorkeling trips even more exciting.

JAVA is a modern mask that offers a range of exciting features which will greatly enhance the underwater experience of any snorkeling enthusiast. The single lens, made of tempered glass offers superb field of undistorted vision. JAVA is equipped with a silicone gasket and wide, comfortable silicone strap, which together guarantee perfect fitting. Additionally, a valve fitted in the nose section allows the diver to remove water from the mask even underwater. QuickFIT buckles let the user quickly and precisely adjust the length of the strap.

The ELBA snorkel has a purge-valve at the base and top valve that also prevents water from splashing into the snorkel. Curved, low profile design eliminates water entry while submerged, while achieving outstanding breathing performance on the surface. Silicone mouthpiece is curved towards the mouth of the diver for extra comfort and the adjustable buckle allows for perfect fit.

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Material Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR)
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