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Set Blazer + Zodiac

BLAZER masks feature lenses made of tempered glass, shaped like an "inverted teardrop" to provide excellent visibility, especially downwards. Ideal when you are putting on your wetsuit or setting up your equipment - almost impossible in other masks! The soft silicone skirt and the broad seal ring against the face make the mask very comfortable to wear. Two moving buckles guarantee quick and precise strap adjustment. An excellent mask for snorkeling and scuba diving, with a classic, yet cool look.
The ZODIAC is an anti-splash snorkel to prevent water entering the top of the snorkel. The ergonomic design and lower flexible yet firm silicone corrugated flex tube ensure effortless breathing, reduced drag both under and on top of the water and allows for any angle of use and comfort. ZODIAC features an anatomically shaped, comfortable silicone mouthpiece and a height-adjustable mask strap buckle.

Material Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR)
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