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Rope Parallel 10.5 mm (200 m)




: 0.07 kg

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The PARALLEL 10.5 mm low stretch kernmantel rope is designed for rope access. The small diameter ensures very good performance in terms of flexibility and weight. It has low stretch when put under tension, increasing efficiency at the start of a rope ascent. The EverFlex construction guarantees great flexibility and consistent performance over time.
Certification(s): CE EN 1891 type A, EAC, NFPA 1983

Diameter: 10,5 mm
Material(s): polyester, nylon
Certification(s): CE EN 1891 type A, EAC, NFPA 1983 Technical Use
Weight per meter: 75 g
Strength tied with figure-eight knot: 15 kN
Strength with sewn termination: 22 kN
Impact force (factor 0,3): 5,2 kN
Number of factor 1 falls: 10
Construction: 32 carrier
Percentage of sheath: 45 %
Static elongation: 3,4 %

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Blue 1 m 2.45 EUR K28 3342540816657 Barkods Add to cart
White 1 m 2.45 EUR K28 N 3342540816626 Barkods Add to cart
Yellow 1 m 2.55 EUR K28 N 3342540816633 Barkods Add to cart
Application Work
Amount Meters
Tenacity 22 kN
Sheath slippage 3,4 mm
Material Polyester, nylon
Type A
Rope diameter 10.5 mm
Average weight 0.07 kg
Catalog numbers R077AA24, R077AA21, R077AA22
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