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Spoke Leader (270mm - 310mm)

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Spoke Leader (270mm - 310mm)



0.01 kg

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The Leader is the recommended choice for a day-to-day usage.
Material: steel

By product Spokes
Weight 0.01 kg
Catalog numbers GCO1427000, GCO1427800, LEADER 280, LEADER 284, LEADER 287, GNLE1429000, LEADER 292, LEADER 295, GCO1429800, LEADER 300, GCO1431000
Availability everything found in the catalog is available in our stores and warehouses;
Color: Bicycle spokes: Location: Barcode:
Silver 270mm K28 A V L D 1000022198005
Silver 278mm A V L N D 1000022199002
Silver 280mm K28 A V L D 1000217908006
Silver 284mm L N D 1000022201002
Silver 287mm K28 A V L N D 1000022203006
Silver 290mm A V L N D 1000217712009
Silver 292mm K28 A V L N D 1000217716007
Silver 295mm A V L N D 1000022207004
Silver 298mm K28 A V L N D 1000022208001
Silver 300mm A V L N D 1000034988007
Silver 310mm K28 A V L D 1000202041008
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