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Trekking meal Chili Con Carne 180g

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Trek'n Eat

Trek'n Eat


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Here you’ll find everything that makes a superb chili: kidney beans, beef and, for that little extra dash of spicy zing, onions. A good chili enlivens the soul in any situation, especially when the weather hasn’t exactly played along with your outdoor adventure plans. Trek’n Eat’s Chili con Carne goes from pouch to plate quickly and is best when served piping hot. It soothes the chill you feel, both outside and inside, plus it satisfies empty tummies and is a secret weapon for warming up cold feet. When it’s especially unpleasant outside, you can pull the Chili con Carne out of your pack like a hidden ace up your sleeve. Of course it can’t be beat on warmer outings too when motivation for a coming adenture needs an extra punch of get-up-and-go.

Outdoor food Meat dishes
Protein 25 g/100g
Fat 12 g/100g
Carbohydrates 36 g/100g
Calories 355 kcal/100g
Prepared meal weight 630 g
Added water quantity 450 ml
Weight 0.18 kg
Catalog numbers 30202007
Availability Everything found in the catalog is available in our stores and warehouses
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180g A V L 4015753202072 Add to cart
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