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Insole G10 Memory+

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Insole G10 Memory+



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Our G10 Memory+ insoles have been carefully crafted to provide excellent support and comfort.

They include a microfiber top layer designed to wick away moisture, a 5mm memory foam mid-layer that provides immediate - and long-lasting comfort - and a structured felt base that provides great support.

As well as providing comfort and support, the memory foam mid-layer of this insole is 'open-cell' - which essentially means that the insole will improve air flow and breathability. The felt base, meanwhile, is highly breathable too, and aids in moisture management to help provide maximum comfort!

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Catalog numbers GINSG10M02, GINSG10M03, GINSG10M04, GINSG10M05, GINSG10M06, GINSG10M07, GINSG10M08, GINSG10M09, GINSG10M10, GINSG10M11
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37 K28 5016652350870
38 K28 V L 5016652350887
39 K28 A V L 5016652350894
40 K28 A 5016652350900
41 K28 A V L 5016652350917
42 K28 A V L 5016652350924
43 K28 A V L N 5016652350931
44 K28 A V L 5016652350948
45 K28 A V L 5016652350955
46 K28 V L 5016652350962
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