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The new bike pannier mounting system QL2.1 is a further development of the proven QL2 system. Many important features are improved: For higher stability, the upper hook rail is now one piece. ORTLIEB‘s new assembly system allows the use of extremely flat nuts on the inner side; the same applies to the lower hook rail. The basic 16 mm hooks can now be reduced to 8, 10 and 12 mm; in addition, a 20 mm hook is available for larger tube diameters as now often used for E-bikes. Further modification: the hook reduction inserts are now attached from the sides and are secured by an optimized locking mechanism. Additional improvement: the lower hook rail is now made of a two-component synthetic combination featuring softer surfaces. This reduces abrasions on the carrier. Just as in the proven QL2 system, all components are adjustable without requiring any tools, and are easily exchangeable. An anti-theft device is available as optional accessory and can be integrated into the rail. All bike pannier models of the Black‘n White Line, the High Visibility Line and all Back-Roller Classic Design models feature the new QL2.1 mounting system for bike panniers.

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