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Cycle Computer CM 4.41 A HR

This new wireless cycle computer features not only with its modern and innovative look, but also with its PC configuration. This means that all accumulated data can be read-out from the device. With its altimeter functions the CM 4.41 A is a real summiteer. The computer for athletic orientated cyclists for who every meter counts, informs with up to 44 functions exactly about highs and lows of every tour. Due to the optional cadence functions one can easily control the effectiveness of the training. CM 4.41 A HR is the ideal computer for bikers who want to listen to their heart because it brings your training to perfection.

Top Features
Huge, easy to read 3-line display (up to 10% larger than in the previous model)
Individually configurable display (Multi Choice System)
Aerodynamic design, scratch resistant casing
Save your totals on your pc and set-up the device with a software interface
Ease of use due to integrated rubber coated buttons
Quick and easy to operate using the simple menu structure
Ease of use due to our Twist Klick handlebar bracket
Multi Lock handlebar brackets, also suitable for bike stem installation
TwolnOne System
Fast battery exchange due to quick lock

Bike functions
Speed (current/average/maximum)
Speed comparisons
Trip kilometers
Programmable total kilometers
Trip/total time
Incline and decline display
TwoInOne System
Auto start/stop

Altimeter functions
Current altitude
Home/starting point altitude
Trip/total altitude
Trip maximum altitude

Heart rate functions
Heart rate (current/average/maximum)
Programmable heart rate limit (upper & lower limit)
Calculated optimal training zone (CicloInZone ®)
Exercise time above within or below your targeted heart rate range
Calories burnt (current/total)

Temperature functions
Temperature (current/average/maximum)

Additional functions
Time (12/24 h)
Power down mode
PC configurable

Optional functions
Cadence functions (current/average/maximum)

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