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Groupe JMM SAS company located in Thonon les Bains France, at the heart of the Alps nearby the Mont Blanc, invents, develops, produces and markets a comprehensive outdoor equipment range including snowshoes, technical mountain gear, telescopic poles and accessories under the MORPHO French trademark. 96% of sales turnover of the company is made outside France in 34 countries among which Finland, Germany and Austria where MORPHO has become a snowshoes market leader. MORPHO supplies armies, ski schools, middle mountain guides as well as specialty chains and shops and ski rental outlets. Actual main objective is to consolidate the trademark penetration in all the snowy countries of the World. MORPHO snowshoes are exclusively MADE in FRANCE which garantees outstanding quality and reliability.

MORPHO is a French prestigious and quality worldwide registered trademark. MORPHO snowshoes are made in France. MORPHO, logically yours.

Officiālais izplatītājs
  • We are the official distributor in Latvia since 2007.
  • Expert support and sales assistance for wholesale customers - contacts.
  • Product help - contacts.
  • Warranty and after-sales service.

Official "Morpho" website. If You have any questions about wholesale, please contact us.

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