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  1. Rent guide

Rent guide

Gandrs offers to book winter, outdoor and cycling rental equipment in our website from home, bus or middle of a forest.

Step 1

Note in the calendar the day on which you want to pick up the inventory from one of our stores and the date when it will be passed back. 

Step 2

For the equipment selection, which is available in several sizes, we recommend to use the filter, which is located below the calendar, to find the most suitable size (for bicycles, skis, boots and more).

Step 3

Chosen inventory is booked by clicking the button “Rent”, then you can either continue to select equipment or head over to rental cart (on your right, at the top of the webpage) and confirm your registration with facebook.com, draugiem.lv passport or email. After booking, our staff will prepare the chosen inventory for the day of your arrival.

Step 4

When your rental period starts, go to the selected shop, where our staff will prepare a rental agreement, receive your guarantee charge (20 eur) and hand out the inventory. It is obligatory to take an identity document with you (passport or ID card). A copy will be made and added to the rental agreement.


  • If you want to cancel booking, press the red cross at the rental cart on your right.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Gandrs available range of equipment and choose the most suitable. At the selection process we suggest you to follow our advice on equipment size and specification.
  • In case of any changes or problems with your booking, our staff will inform you about it.

If you find any complications, please contact us by phone: 25445223 or 67619043