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  1. How to become a client?

How to become a client?

1. Legal person

2. Get in touch

3. Inquiry form

4. Meeting

5. Conclusion of cooperation agreement 

After becoming a client you will get:

  • sales specialist support in all cooperation and sales issues;
  • access to the trading system with a discount price level;
  • the possibility of using the special product offerings;
  • oportunity to view product samples and get consultations;
  • operational delivery services;
  • storehouse balance providing all year round;
  • product guarantee service; 
  • marketing support ‒ organizing presentations and seminars.

Wholesale collaboration partners:

  • active leisure, sports, hunting, fishing shops and retail chains;
  • industrial mountaineering companies;
  • agencies of enterprises;
  • adventure parks and skiing hills;
  • connection and telecommunication companies;
  • special services, rescue services, military organizations;
  • online shops;
  • expeditions;
  • sports clubs and organizations.