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Bottle Kids + bottle cage




0.05 kg

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Soft push-pull tip. Regular Hi-Flow of liquid . Ergonomic grip. We don’t recommend heating the bottle in a microwave since contents can heat unevenly. We don’t recommend putting boiling liquids in the Kids bottles. Complies with food contact regulations.

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White / Red 350 ml 3.50 EUR K28 5604415074448 Barkods Add to cart
White / Blue 350ml 3.50 EUR V L N 5604415074424 Barkods Add to cart
White / Pink 350ml 3.50 EUR K28 V L N 5604415074431 Barkods Add to cart
For drinks Bottles
Weight 0.05 kg
Catalog numbers 8644200117, 8644200115, 8644200116
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