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Pot Stainless Steel Pot Set 1000 ml / 475 ml

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0.375 kg

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This is an absolute essential for trips with someone else or when you’re really hungry: Our large stainless steel pot which holds around 1 liter. But that’s not all …This high-quality stainless steel pot is more than just a pot. It’s actually two pots! At least, it is if you want it to be. Because the lid of the large pot can also be used as a pot. It holds around 475 ml, making it ideal for sauces. So this is the ideal combination to suit almost any taste. Thanks to the folding stainless steel handles, both pots take up very little space and are easy to store. The larger pot has an oz. / liter volume indicator, and the set also comes with a practical mesh bag.

For food Pots and pans
Dimensions 14.8 x Ø 12.7 cm
Material Stainless steel
Volume 1000 ml / 475 ml
Weight 0.375 kg
Catalog numbers PT1000ST
Availability Everything found in the catalog is available in our stores and warehouses
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K28 A V L N 4260149871619 Add to cart
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