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Meal set Meal Kit 2.0™ Pin Pack

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Light My Fire

Light My Fire


0.38 kg

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All you need to prepare and eat a meal when out and about. Perfect for your backpack, boat, bike or picnic basket.
1.Lid/plate, designed with round corners to allow you to Spork up every little bit.
2.Bowl/plate with Spork holder.
3.Spork original (spoon-fork-knife combo).
4.Pack-up-Cup with lid, collapsible and measuring lines.
5.Combined strainer and cutting board.
6.SnapBox original, waterproof and measuring lines.
7.SnapBox oval, waterproof and measuring lines.
8.Harness to keep everything tight inside.

Features: Easy to clean, taste-free material, stain- taste and odor resistant, BPA- free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, floats, stackable.

For food Dish sets; Spoons and forks; Plates and bowls
Dimensions 19.4 x 19.4 x 6.1 cm
Material Dishes- polypropylene
Spork- Tritan
Harness- TPE
Weight 0.38 kg
Catalog numbers 41362010, 41363310, 41362710, 41363610, 41360710, 41360510
Availability everything found in the catalog is available in our stores and warehouses;
Color: Location: Barcode:
Black K28 A V L N 7331423006847
Green K28 A V L N 7331423006878
Light blue K28 A V L N 7331423006854
Orange K28 A V L N 7331423006892
Pink K28 A V L N 7331423008063
Yellow K28 A V L N 7331423007370
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