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  1. Customer Card

Customer Card

Get your "Gandrs" customer card and enjoy its benefits!

Apply for a customer card!

We care about our customers and appreciate their trust in "Gandrs". We have created the customer card to thank our loyal customers.

"Gandrs" customer card comes with special offers and discounts:

  • permanent discount and special monthly offers in "Gandrs" stores;
  • permanent discount on "Gandrs" climbing tower;
  • permanent discount on renting bicycle, outdoor and winter equipment;
  • permanent discount on cycling and winter equipment workshop;
  • permanent discount when making purchases in "Gandrs" online store;
  • the latest information about recreational activities.

"Gandrs" customer card holders who register on www.gandrs.eu online store and indicate the number of their customer card, are able to view purchase history and get prices appropriate to their discount level for any purchase in "Gandrs" online store.
Also all client card holders can see their account status, existing discount level and progress to next discount level.

Apply for a customer card!