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  1. Agreement and guarantees

Agreement and guarantees

  • Guarantee charge of rental inventory – 20 eur
  • At the inventory receiving, lessee shows an identity document (passport or ID card) and telephone number. ID document's copy will be made.

Lessee rights and obligations

  • The lessee is responsible for own given information, all activities from his registered account, as well as password and user account confidentiality. 
  • The lessee mustn't do any activities that would be against the security of the system. In case of infringement Gandrs LTD reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of services without warning and without explaining the reason. 
  • The lessee returns the equipment in the same technical and visual condition in which the equipment was received, with an exception of mechanical wear created during the time of rental. If any technical or visual defects and damages are made, the renter has to bear the costs according to price list of Gandrs workshop.
  • It is obligatory to get acquainted to the lease.

Gandrs LTD rights and obligations

  • In accordance with product and services descriptions, the lessor undertakes to provide receipt of the product at the right time and amount. 
  • The lessor conveys to the lessee the rental inventory in good condition and ready for use.
  • Compensation for unused rental time, transferring inventory before the contractual expiry of the lease, is not paid.
  • The lessor has the right to require the lessee to pay a deposit or to accept other security guarantee for the time of rental in full or in part.