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Outdoor food and sports nutrition

Eating is one of the fundamental biological needs of the human body, so we consider it extremely important to provide our clients with tasty and rich-in-calories sports and tourism nutrition. In "Gandrs" stores you will find conveniently packaged food and drinks for every taste and need. For sportsmen and others wishing to keep their sporty spirit refreshed we have prepared a selection of energy bars. Additionally, we also sell high-quality tourism food: main courses, breakfast and desserts. "Gandrs" offers meals and snacks by Jack Link's, Trek'n Eat and Oatsnack – known in the global market as manufacturers of high-quality tourism food and sports nutrition.

We advise you to think carefully about your diet, which is a significant precondition for perfect well-being and renewable energy. In our wide range of products you will find everything you need to feel great during tourism activities and competitions.

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